Help naming Piplup Step

Here’s an entry I just made for the song Piplup Step, by Serph. I also included the link to the YouTube where it was released. I know Piplup step is the English title, but I don’t know if there’s a Japanese title I should use instead? Should it be mixed Japanese and English? I don’t read Japanese. Hoping for a bit of help with this release.


the title looks pretty correct as-is~ I also don’t read much Japanese (at least not well), but I know about how far to trust machine translation (not very far, lol). one thing to keep in mind, it is possible for a YouTube video to have a different title based on locale, i.e. a Japanese title in Japan and a Romanji title elsewhere. that doesn’t seem to be the case here, but it’s something to look out for

one more thing I will note, the recording on the release should be set to “video”. you’ll find that on the edit page for the recording.

Thank you, I didn’t see video as an option. I have updated that.