Help merging artist

There is a duplicated artist. This artist is a Korean female idol group. Currently, most sites refer to the artist as “MAKAMAKA”
with Hangul spelling of “마카마카”

This artist has 3 release groups as credited on Korean online digital distribution sites
" 버닝파워"
" Hey U"
" I AM"
though the cover art for 버닝파워 is Latin script “Burning Power”

In the data base there is

with release group I AM

That group has 2 releases, one credited to 마카마카 and one to Maka’ Maka

This Maka’ Maka artist page doesn’t show I AM as a release, instead it shows 버닝파워 group, and that group has a release

Makes it all confusing trying to organize music.

I know that for K-pop there is an issue if a group is mainly referred to using Hangul script or an internationized/Anglicized Latin script, often stylized in unusual (for a native English speaker) ways.

In this case I think maybe the main artist name is MAKAMAKA and alias of 마카마카 and Maka’ Maka and all 3 release groups should be under that artist.

It looks like editors are relying on Spotify /Apple Music. I don’t think these are canonical sources for East Asian artists, as they routinely romanize or translate native scripts. I get there’s a whole issue of release country for digital releases and I guess it is possible to have all sorts of translated credits attached to different release countries. But the primary artist and release group IMO should be credited in the native release country style.


After reading your post I went to the artist pages.
I voted no on a merge towards the Latin script named artist and queued a merge towards the genuine Hangeul script named artist, instead.
Please review.

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Sorry for not getting back sooner. I can go with anything that is consistent. What is the db now seems good.

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