Help me understand this "Edits for your subscriptions" notice

I just got an “Edits for your subscriptions” notice for
for an artist called “the ghostwrite”. (there was also two other unrelated edits included in the notice)

I don’t recognize the name.

How can I figure out what’s going on and why I got the email?

Also, is it a problem that a delete-artist operation was an auto-edit?

That bot automatically removes artists that have no releases, recordings, relationships etc (eg total orphans with no info attached), after a certain amount of days (?)
Your account must have somehow added the artist at some point to be subscribed?

But I am also open to any suggestions of ghosts or hackers messing with your subscriptions, which is a way more appealing explanation. Fingers crossed!!!

You added this artist in an were automatically subscribed to changes to it.
Since you did not ‘use’ that artist for anything, it was automatically removed a few days later


Yes! This was the answer I was looking for (although I’m worried that I don’t remember doing this, just last night – wonder if it was a cat-on-the-keyboard sorta thing)

Was this (answer you gave me) something I could have looked up myself?

Ah… now I got it … I couldn’t really get anywhere from the info in the email or following links from there, but I can pull up “All my edits” and dig it out from there.