Help me read credits from this vinyl

Hello all,

I’m trying to learn how to enter credits from a vinyl release and I was wondering if anyone could help me read them.

Here is the vinyl in mind:
And here is the liner notes:

I apologize for the small size, it was the best the internet could provide. In particular I’m looking at this part:


Discogs interprets the credits as [composer]; [lyrics]. I’m not sure how they determined that exactly but I can buy it since it is Coleman’s songbook and he is most definitely the composer on most of the songs. Is there some kind of standard for how to read this credit?

And then under that, the “MJQ–BMI” part. What does that mean? I’m confused why other labels would be referenced on this record unless the songs are maybe covers and I don’t know it?

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For example, I see HUMPTY DUMPTY, BEAUTY IS A RARE THING and LONELY WOMAN (apparently instrumental) works composed by COLEMAN in his works.

It’s how Discogs must have thought it as you can never know if the release meant Composer/Lyricist or the opposite. There is no rule, as there is no standard to display credits (in my experience, I saw Lyricist/Composer more often, still).

Now in Coleman; Le Scott. How do we know the role of Le Scott? He could have additionally composed.
But on the liner, I can see lyrics, so maybe there is someone singing on this record and then it means LE SCOTT wrote the lyrics.


MJQ Music, Inc. is the publisher of the work (and is a member of BMI).


Thanks this is all very helpful.

So what I am realizing is that these are Coleman instrumentals that Le Scott added lyrics/spoken word poetry to. Does that mean they are new works linked to the original works? Sorry for all the questions, this situation is complicated for a new editor!


If the original work did not have lyrics (or had different lyrics) then you should create a new work and link it to the original using the later version relationship.


I realized I’m not sure if this is the publisher of the original work or the new work. I assumed the new work, but having looked into it, it seems like the original work.