HELP I want to upload this version but I don't know where it should go

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Hi need a bit more detail on the issue

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As said by @MJmusicguy this needs a bit more information. But this single definitely should go into the existing release group at

You have to check whether the version you have is probably the one already in the database ( If yes, update the data there (it’s really lacking). If you track list should be different add a new release.


@Birlya Maybe this could help you if you have to add a new release to the existing release group:

2 Likes verify this and if correct use this data if not pre existing

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The version that is on musicbrainz is on CD and the one I want to put is on vinyl, my question was where should this version go (Album, Album + Compilation, Album + Remix, Single, EP, Compilation)

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Then it is a single. True

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I would think EP in this case

A maxi single or maxi - single (sometimes abbreviated to MCD or CDM) is a music single release with more than the usual two tracks of an A-side song and a B-side song. and it is not a album
so basically
LP= album

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I would still call it a Single at only 11 mins long.

An EP tends to be “Extended Play” and that little bit longer on both sides. In that limbo between full LP (Long Player) and Single.

Here this example is an alternate medium for the single. Vinyl and CD. So should be in the same Release Group as the CD.

Many of their singles have 3 or 4 tracks as it usual to find alternate mixes on singles.

Notice their EP - Lost Exit to Brooklyn - is 8 tracks and 21 mins long.


great point Ivan i support that

I’ve been chasing down the rabbit holes. Or Edit History as it is better known.

Now YOUR vinyl copy is relatively easy - it is a REAL vinyl version of the single, as suggested by @MJmusicguy at:

(Do check that REALLY close to make sure you are exactly the same version, label, year, rear cover, etc)

Now what about the one already here. Interesting…

In the edit history this started as a basic import. Just track and artist names from freedb

And then someone added artwork from their CD copy.

And this is when it gets interesting… as that CD does not appear in the list of Geronimo’s Cadillac. Odd - they are all vinyl.

So read the notes in the History of that linked Discogs “CD” version.

This item was NOT sold separately, but only with the box set.
No individual cat#, as well as no indiviual barcode. The given barcode is taken from original 12" release.

From Box Set:
Modern Talking – Selected Singles '85 - '98
Hansa – 74321 88816 2

This CD is part of a boxset. And really should be listed under the boxset. So the CD that is here shouldn’t be. And should really be moved… but confusingly MB does not yet have the boxset it came from… and we only have that one guy’s word for this on the discogs site…
(If I get really bored tomorrow I may import that ten disc set to give the CD a better home… but will wait for the new Vinyl to be added first as this madness will be confusing enough to read as it is :wink: )

It should be (Single) or (EP)

I’m confused :thinking:

You have a 12" vinyl single. :slight_smile:

It is the other one that is technically wrong. You add a new Release for your copy in that Release group. :+1: :-1:

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Looks good, but a couple of errors have been fixed for you.

You have a single, not an EP. That also means it should be in the same Release Group as the other one. @jesus2099 added a couple of edits to correct that.

I also popped in the full release date as that is in the Wikipedia article.

When you were on the Recordings page it would have been possible to search and link up with the recordings from the other single. That would mean both singles then point to the same actual recordings and better show how they are related. (Edits added to fix that too)

MB editing may seem complex, but you’ll soon get the hang of it :slight_smile:

Best way is to wade in, make a few mistakes, then ask how to untangle them here. :slight_smile: