Help for Release Group merging (or …not?): Pete Townshend vs. Pete Townshend’s Deep End vs. Deep End

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I shortly added this release:

From booklet information Deep End is a own “supergroup”, short living, founded by Pete Townshend. A similar release was added under Pete Townshend:

I changed this to “Deep End”. All seemd clear to me. But then I recognized those following others from the same live concert period, where all information found at discogs/wikipedia/musiksammler (including cover art) imagines that both version are possible (or on all sources information is mixed up):

And there are associated singles making it worse:

From booklet information the supergroup disolved shortly after their last concert at france.

So I’m unsure… Change/Merge all to “Deep End”? Or leave them(some?) as Pete Townshend release? Any guidance and help are strongly welcome.

All should be in one same release group… →
The release group artist could be the one of the first ever official edition of this concert record… I leave it up to you for the artist.

At first thanks for your help. But the first one “Pete Townshend’s Deep End: Face the Face” should stay alone, it’s from their last concert: live, 1986-01-29: Rockpalast, Chapiteau du MIDEM, Cannes, FR.…

Sorry for the circumstances and that I didn’t explain clearly. I meant that this period of live concerts should be related to the (recording?)artist “Deep End” from my booklet information and not “Pete Townshend”. I’ll scan that booklet pages and upload to CoverArtArchive and leave a message here when done.

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I’ve added the cover art for booklet, tray and back:

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