Help: Error parsing XML

Hi, I am a newbie to Musicbrainz. I installed the foobar plugin and tried to get the tag from mb of albums but I got the error message “Error parsing XML” each time. Would anyone kindly help me to understand how to fix this issue? It looks like I may missed some component on my windows system.

Read about the reasons at:

Where marc2003 (@marc2k3) has made a fork (that I have not tested yet) of @Dremora’s foo_musicbrainz:


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Prompted by this thread, I’ve just uploaded a new version with a more helpful error message.

And just incase people aren’t reading the above links thoroughly, I’m not the original developer of this component. They are no longer maintaining because they don’t use windows any more and they have put the original source on github.

While I don’t have the skills to make it retry on failure, I’ve added a new preference which allows you to set alternate servers.

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@marc2k3 @jesus2099

Thanks so much for your kindness. I read the thread through and understand the issue. It looks make sense and we do not have a real solution on it. I also download the latest foobar MB plugin, it really helps with more comprehensive error message.

Meanwhile, my workaround is to open a web browser page of MB and search the release on it and copy the MB id of the release, it is quite fast on web page. Then I go to the foobar plugin to search by the MBid. since it only target a specific release, it reduce the interaction between client and MB server, usually I can get the hit in 3 retries.

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