Help correcting tracklist

Can anyone help me correct this?

I want to remove whole “▼Digital Media 2”, it was added by a mistake, but when I try to remove it and save it will not update.

Have patience, not all edits apply immediately.


It looks like you tried to remove the medium three times. The issue is that the edit has to go through a 7-day voting period, after which it will be applied, if it isn’t down-voted. You can cancel two of your edits, and let one go through the process.


The flowchart on this page is… very MetaBrainz :joy:


I wrote a bug ticket, very long time ago but cannot find it back, now.

reosarevok proposed to prevent duplicate edits of pending edits.

Additionally to not adding duplicate edit,
If duplicate edit is made by:

  • Same editor: Do nothing more
  • Another editor: Cast Yes vote on original edit
  • Automod: Approve original edit

I will search it again tomorrow.


Ah, I find it back.
@reosarevok wrote it and I just added comments about the extra actions (vote, approve):

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