Help! Add Release has Tracklist error

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I’ve check the artist boxes and medium formats a dozen times. I have no idea what the error could be. I searched “tracklist error” in both the documentation and here. I couldn’t find a list of possible errors.


Thank you!

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When you click through to the greyed out artists (with the edit button), each artist is correctly linked to an artist in the DB?

I have had weird errors before and when I added the whole thing again it worked :disappointed_relieved:


For anyone who has this problem in the future, here’s what happened:

One of my tracks was a MegaMix, with lots of different artists mashed into the one track (but no idea who the mixer was). I used the “Various Artists” artist on the the track.

When the track was parsed, “Various Artists” immediately matched. However, when you use “Various Artists” on a track, there is a warning prompt you must complete.

The prompt didn’t show up from the parsed match. Since the box wasn’t ticked, I kept getting an error-but not getting the warning prompt. Once I disconnected and reconnected the “Various Artists” match, I got the prompt and was able to add the release.


Was parsed from what?
Did you use an importer? Add Cluster As Release?

Yes, I used the Discogs importer Discogs import script from

I also started a new release (that I didn’t save) and tried it via manual entry. That is how I discovered the prompt.

Edited because my first reply was a misrememberance.


Ok so maybe the simplest would be that the importer would not validate Various Artists artist on tracks.