Help about Harmonicas

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Hallo there! I’m your friendly neighbourhood Cat Instrument Inserter on a Quest!
My quest is to find out more about Harmonicas, or Mouth Organs.
This started out as preliminary research for Instrument Request Tickets INST-573 and INST-574, but it became clear quite quickly that it wasn’t that simple 😅︎
Now that I have done a lot of research I have a sort of roadmap a-head, but I’d very much like it if anyone who actually plays or knows about harmonicas could chip in with their knowledge!

Here is my considerations so far
Here are all the research links:

Don’t hesitate to ask if anything is confusing, or if my estimates are totally way off, educate me, I hope you can help me be less confused! :​​D


I wrote Joel Andersson on Facebook. Hopefully he’ll be willing to shed some light on this. :pray: