Having trouble with a merge

Hi there, I am attempting to merge some releases in this release group. As you can see, the CD releases are currently as follows: an 18-track disc, a 19-track disc, and an 18+19 track 2×CD release. The issue is that the individual discs never should have been added in that manner. This is a 2×CD compilation; you cannot acquire the discs separately. (see: discogs)

MusicBrainz allowed me to merge the first disc into the real release, but when I attempt to merge the second one in I am given the error,

This merge strategy is not applicable to the releases you have selected.
The track counts on at least one set of corresponding mediums do not match.

This doesn’t make sense to me as I am attempting to merge a 19-track disc into a release with a 19-track disc. If I were to select the append option I would be making it into a 3×CD release, if I were to just outright delete the release we would be losing the associated track lengths and so on, which were never added to the real release.

How should I go about doing this one?

there’s two potential ways of doing this

first, you could merge the single-disc releases together using the Append strategy, then merge the resulting release into the original two-disc release. this way is the simpler way, but would take at least two weeks, due to voting times

the second option would be to leave the merge you’ve already put in, and on the 19 track single-disc release, set the medium position to 2, then you should be able to merge it into the two-disc release. I’ve never attempted this, but I’ve heard it can be done by hitting the down arrow in the top right:
after you do this, it should say “Medium 2” in the top left on the tracklist tab

either way should work properly~


It didn’t occur to me that you could even set a single-medium release to be anything but medium 1! Seems to have worked just fine, thank you!

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