Having Trouble finding CD

I have a cd that I’ve had trouble trying to find in the database. I found it on Discogs (Power Ballads (2005, CD) - Discogs). Can anyone give me a link to it on MusicBrainz?

Nope - can’t find it. I can hit a button and import it from Discogs with a magic importing script?

Search cat no, barcode - not here at MB unless hiding.

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I have this almost imported, but I need your help. I need to know track lengths as I am tying this to previous recordings. Most of the time I can guess the common recordings as they appear on so many compilations, but it is not always obvious for all of them.

Do those times look good? Which need changing?

Edit: Got bored waiting… release is added here:

Please check those times and let me know if any are wrong. It is possible some of the recording guesses are off. If you know how to add a DiscID using Picard then GREAT. Please do and I’ll come back and correct anything that needs correcting.

Or just tell me where the errors are and I’ll fix them.