Have CDTOC info, how to add DISCID to a release

I have the CDTOC (A+96+3449+60B8+92E3+C7B8+F5E9+12244+155C0+192C6+1CFCF+212CB) for the album “Hardin County Line” by Mark Collie. There is no DISCID associated with this release, is there a way to add this information via website?

That looks like a CUETools tag TOC. I have a tool to convert those to the full TOC format MusicBrainz uses but it won’t work on all CDs, such as enhanced CDs with data tracks.


That said you should really only be adding disc IDs from discs you have on hand, which can be done easily with Picard.


Have you ever had it in hands?
Do you know which edition it is?

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I use dBpoweramp, to rip my discs, and the CDToc’s are not visible, unless I use this program “MediaInfo” (https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo) on my Mac, then it shows me the CDTocs.

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I own the cd, it’s the same as the one listed on the site under Mark Collie, Hardin County Line.

The simplest answer is install Picard. After ripping with dBpoweramp, use Picard to lookup the CD and add the DiscID if not already there.

And MediaInfo is brill - didn’t know it also did CDs.


Some ripping tools can add tags that encode the disc TOC, which is that CDTOC tag the OP was talking about.

It will check info on a cd track, but not much is listed, after I rip the track from dbpoweramp I then use MediaInfo on the ripped track, that is when I can find the CDToc. CDToc is the same for all tracks ripped from the same CD.

While you still have the CD in the drive, fire up Picard. Now hit the Lookup CD button. From there you can navigate to the correct release and submit the missing DiscID.

Once submitted, look at the DiscID and you’ll recognise your CDTOC in the table.