Has anyone written something for Apple Music ISRC submission?

I have some iTunes/Apple Music exclusives albums that I would like to submit ISRCs for, but they have over 100 tracks, so it would be extremely tedious and error prone to manually do that. Has anyone written something for this? Or should I make my own script/program?

Not that I am aware of, but @Toad_King has made a userscript to display Apple Music ISRCs.
So if I were you, I would probably extend that script to seed @kepstin’s MagicISRC with the ISRCs from Apple (and open a PR when you have a working solution). That’s also what I did with the ISRC data in my HDtracks importer script.

P.S. That reminds me of my unpublished Apple Music Animated Cover Art userscript which I allows you to extract their video covers in the highest possible resolution, but I am still kind of waiting for MBS-11633


FYI: If you (or someone else) is interested in seeding data to my MagicISRC tool, I’ve been working on some seeding and importing docs to help you out.


I’ll look into that. I can do that for Beatport too but it would require you to make an account, and login & refresh the page every time you want to submit ISRCs because they dont send that data unless youre logged in and they log you out constantly

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The script by Toad_King above has just been updated to have a link for submission! All you have to do now is click on the link and enter in the MB release and it does the rest.

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