Handling release where a track has been split into 2


I’m looking at this release: Release “ATM Worldwide Issue 71 Mix” by Calyx & TeeBee - MusicBrainz

And I can see that for track 2 the person entered it as track 2 and 2b because there’s 2 tracks in the same track. This doesn’t feel right to me if this is from a CD which has a clearly defined track 2. So what should I do here to fix it? Leave it as is and create a new release which lines up with the CD I have or fix it on this release?


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If it is a CD, then a DiscID would define it as one track. So no 2b. Surrender \ Set me Free by Verse & SP \ Kalyx & Control

Basically delete track 2b and correct the length of track 2

(I guess this was a Discogs import)


Doing so, you can merge tracks 2 and 2b, as well as 15a and 15b.
And rename the merge target tracks.

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