Handling an unnecessarily created artist for an existing label


When creating the release for SILKENWOOD’s Better Together volume 5, I had created an artist called SILKENWOOD since I was following the Bandcamp which lists SILKENWOOD as the artist as opposed to Various Artists. I then discovered that SILKENWOOD is an existing label, so I changed to use ‘Various Artists’ and the label.

Is there a process for removing or merging the artist and the label, or should it just be left as it is?

(I’m new to MusicBrainz, and have been tagging things as part of organizing my collection.)


Remove every usage (artist credits, links, relationships, etc) and it should be automatically deleted in a few days



an additional thing you could do, credit the release to Various Artists as “SILKENWOOD”, since that’s how it’s listed on Bandcamp (at least, that’s how I might enter the release artist). you of course don’t have to, it’s an extra thing I like to do~



Thanks! (Didn’t get notifications from the thread otherwise I would have done it)

That’s a good idea, thanks!