Haitian Creole Standards

Does anyone know if Haitian Creole follows French rules for capitalization, spacing, etc.?

I am filling out information for this album and am not sure if it should be “Koté Ou?” or “Koté ou ?” Some of the track names are confusing me, too - I am not sure if “Port Salut” is referring to the city or not.


Another confusing situation related to this album.
Some works are credited to Jude Herbert Ronald Gousse. According to ISWCnet and this, Gousse is another name for Mushy Widmaïer. However, I cannot tell if Mushy Widmaïer is his real name, or if the longer name is. I am not sure how I should credit this.

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with Haitian Creole, let alone French, so the best I can say is it’s probably the same as French? I know @jesus2099 is a French editor, and they may have a better answer for you…

that said, if you’re interested in writing up a language style guidelines for Haitian Creole, I’m pretty sure you’re free to. I’m not too sure of the submission process though…

in terms of the artist credit, I’d credit it the same as it is on the release, and add a “Legal name/Also performs as” relationship between the two artists. if you’re not sure which direction, just pick one and make a note in the annotation(s)

I found this

I’m not sure if it’s the general rule or not.

It’s funny because their question is is it the same as English?
Then the answer is Yes. Which means same as English,
Then We do not capitalize the first letters of the days of the week or months. Which means opposite as English. :rofl: