Guide: Quickly Importing Releases/Tracklists from Files

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This is a method of quickly copying out track title/artist/length etc from digital files/tracks in a format that will plug into the MusicBrainz track parser.

  • Install Foobar2000, and install the Text Tools component.
    To install the component open Foobar2000 and go to File > Preferences > Components in the top menu. Drag from your explorer into the ‘installed components’ window. Hit Apply at the bottom, and restart Foobar2000 when prompted.

  • When Foobar2000 opens again go to File > Preferences > Tools > Text Tools. In the ‘quick copy commands’ window, click ‘add new’. Name it whatever you want, eg MusicBrainz, in the left column. In the right column add the string that you want to have copied out.
    I just want the basics for the parser so my string is:
    %title% - %artist% - %length%
    You’re good to go - close the preferences/quick copy commands window.

  • Drag the album/folder/track/tracks that you want to add to MB into the Foobar2000 playlist. Select the tracks you want to add to MB (can do them all at once), right click, Utilities > Text Tools > Copy:WhateverYouCalledYourQuickCopyCommand

  • In Musicbrainz you’ve gotten to the Add Release page, and you’re on the tracklist tab. In the Add Medium window, right click > Paste. Select the Options as you please, and click ‘Add Medium’.

  • After you’ve set all the artists and double checked the data and possibly used the Guess Case button you’re done! Submit the release.

The Text Tools component is powerful tool, feel free to play with it, but this basic string does the job. Here is an example of what it will give you:

1 Track Name Tag - Artist Tag - 1:11
2 Track Name Tag - Artist Tag - 2:22

If there’s a way easier way to do this and I’m just a doofus, please enlighten me! :blush:


You can also accomplish this with MusicBee’s “send to clipboard” command. The tags copied are configurable in preferences. Off the top of my head, I think <Track#> <Title> - <Artist> - <Time> would generate the same results as your method.


There is also the Picard Plugin “Add Cluster as Release”. This lets you add direct from Picard.

Handy working from Picard as it will also upload the AcousticIDs and a few clicks more and you have the actual DiscID also uploaded.


I do something similar in Mp3Tag. They call it “Export” in that program. I’ve even made an export file that can output a .csv so I can import a tracklist into Excel.


Just for giggles, I was playing around with Lee Holmes’ ID3 module in PowerShell and came up with this:

> Get-ChildItem *.mp3 | % {Get-Id3Tag $} | ft Track, Title, JoinedArtists -AutoSize

Running that command in the directory of an album will output this:

Track Title                           JoinedArtists
----- -----                           -------------
    1 Vicious                         Lou Reed
    2 Andy's Chest                    Lou Reed
    3 Perfect Day                     Lou Reed
    4 Hangin' 'Round                  Lou Reed
    5 Walk on the Wild Side           Lou Reed
    6 Make Up                         Lou Reed
    7 Satellite of Love               Lou Reed
    8 Wagon Wheel                     Lou Reed
    9 New York Telephone Conversation Lou Reed
   10 I'm So Free                     Lou Reed
   11 Goodnight Ladies                Lou Reed

Unfortunately, getting the duration of an .mp3 file is a bit more involved. I may create a “Get-Tracklist” function just for the fun of it.