(guest) performer relationship when the artist is a person (and not a group/band)

I had a discussion with drsaunde over this edit : https://beta.musicbrainz.org/edit/59905186

Am I misinterpreting the use of the guest attribute ? Should the guest attribute be removed when you are editing for a single artist (not a group/band) ? And if so, could/should the ‘guest’ checkbox not appear ?

How do you interpret this ?

Personally I only use ‘guest’ when the performer is identified as such, either explicitly (‘special guest: Bob Carlisle, French horn’) or at least implicitly (for instance, if listed separately from the main personnel saying something like ‘with: Bob Carlisle…’).

I don’t think that the artist being a person automatically makes everyone else a guest. For one thing, many “solo” performers have backup musicians they work with regularly, even if they’re not credited as a backing band.


Agree with @highstrung: I use guest if it’s specifically marked as such. I can see it being used for featuring artists, since feat. kinda implies guest-hood to me, but in this case it seems to be just a standard credit, so I’d enter it standardly.


Well, that made up my mind… Thanks @reosarevok, @highstrung, drsaunde. I’ll change the way I use the guest attribute form now on based on your input :slight_smile:

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