GSOC 2019 - UX improvements

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Hi. My name is Himanshu. I am looking forward to GSOC. The idea I like and fits my skill is " Improve the UX of voting for edits of the MusicBrainz database". I would really like to hear from the community on where to go from here.

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Hey Himanshu,

Welcome, nice to see you are gonna work on this. I have done some voting myself, installed the script ‘mb Power Vote’ and still find it a time consuming activity.

What takes time is to dig into the information ‘what actually is changing’ and ‘what other say/have said about it’

  1. Especially with deletions, you want to judge that the new information is better. As a lot of users simply do not put any edit comments or do not know what ‘proof’ is, it generates a small research action, going into the record, see what has been added and then judge.
    Ideally, I would see on the left: current situation, right: new situation.

  2. It would be really cool to be able to vote when browsing. See see a release with obvious changes (striked out text for changes with newer text above/near it) right click and say: yes/no

  3. Edit notes. I would be in favour to have obligatory edit notes. Maybe even same check on word count/types of words. eg ‘scan’ or ‘mine’ is not an edit note. I have also seen people use the artist name in the comment field as well.

  4. Mass voting. I love the options of the script to mass vote. So choose editor you trust, check into a few edits and then mass vote on all similar ones.

So, what are you thoughts yourself?


One more: in chosing what to vote on, there is a large selection possible. But as far as I know you cannot select on ‘beginner’ editors. Those editors might require some more attention than others, so to be able to select their edits for review would be nice.

And, the word ‘vote’ is misinterpreted at times as well. ‘review’ would be my preferred one. I had a nice misunderstanding with a new user that was not happy with my voting, as he did not want votes, just wanted to add data. A vote sounds like a popularity vote…


Sorry, few more, gonna be a true spammer now.

The ‘adding’ part is fine (although no real proof given,but that happens a lot).
But: the linked recordings are wrong. No way to distinguish between the two, or even get a warning that this is a potential issue.

Solution: see all changes there.

And this edit

Why is the information not shown there directly on the vote screen?


That edit on putting the ISNI code is my fault for not putting the edit note. I was mass editing some of them manually and halfway through, I got lazy to put the edit note as I thought it would be obvious. I’ll try to make sure put it in next time.

Yeah, sorry for using you as an example. My point is really only on the User interface for voting/reviewing edits.

You are perfectly right for putting the link in there (I could have done it myself) but this is really what computers are for in my opinion.

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