Group is member of artist instead of artist member of group

Good Morning my friends here on MB :slight_smile:

Apparently I did something wrong, again…
I created a page for my band, then added the band members, then added the upcoming event, but now, the band (group) shows up as member of the artist… should it not be artist is member of group? How can I correct?

I always do this mistake too because the relationship editor default is not contextual and I guess I always edit the wrong entity.

There is a ticket for relationship direction autodetect when possible:

For your edit, I would just cancel it and redo in the right direction (there is a button to switch directions).

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@jesus2099 I am happy that I am not the only person that gets mixed up with this nerdy website :wink:

I am afraid to hit any button right now, suppose I do it wrong again… Could you please do for me the right edit and then I cancel my wrong edit?

Here is the page of my band:

Keep your edits open, I have edited them, so you don’t need to cancel. :slight_smile:


Thank you sooo much @jesus2099 for doing this for me and for making the video so I can see how you did it :slight_smile: you are the best :sunny:
Have a great day!


You’re welcome, no problem.
You will probably have finished inputting your discography before getting used to the edit system. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: