Grime sets

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I’ve been using grime live sets as background while coding / editing recently, and I would like to add them to MB too, but I’m not quite sure what would be a good way to do it.

The general idea: one or two DJs playing music, a bunch of MCs live on top (example 1, example 2, example 3). These are normally not for an audience, AFAICT, but recorded directly for radio and/or YouTube.

I think they certainly deserve being in MB, since it’s effectively new music, but how? Standalone recordings? “Broadcast” releases? Who should be the artist? Every artist credited? (that’d be a bit crazy for example 3 above).


try asking support as for the artist it should be who is singing if you don’t know that the i would use the executive producers names as a best guess and hope someone else’s who knows more comes along and fixes it up

I would treat them like a radio show. They are live broadcasts with performers.

Live doesn’t just mean an audience, it means playing in an uncut manner. It means no second chance - all performers together banging out the tune. Which certainly describes these guys.

Not listened to much grime - but I assume there is a main ring master here. Someone in charge who runs the show. Give them the title of Release Artist. A podcast would get the name of the main host. And I assume these are a repeating series with the same DJs as host?

That DJ is what helps bring these together as a themed set. If not the DJ, then use the name of the SHOW as the Release Artist.

Trouble is each “release” will have different performance artists. And that is going to get a little messy as these are also going to be one big track. No idea about the naming and credit of tracks… but you’ll want every name in there who can be heard on the shop.

I would certainly be using Release Groups series here too. I can see one channel putting out a number of different shows. I especially noted the BBC being in there.

Maybe use the channel name as a label. You could say they are the organisation who are releasing these performances. I’m thinking also thinking about magazines and their cover disks using that idea to keep them together.

I also think of DJ Box Set CD releases. And they way they are named and credited.

When I look at an hour long show on a regular YouTube channel it seems to me very similar to me to a radio show. A regular presenter, a regular release, a theme in the show titles, people live in a studio together, broadcasting a live uncut performance.


Well I remember the case of studio lives had been discussed to conclude that they were not live because MB recording relationship live definition does mention audience (but which is not explicitly stated in release group live definition, though).