Graphic showing basic elements of MusicBrainz database?

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Anyone got a nice graphic showing how Releases , RGs, Series , Recordings, etc relate to each other.

For many new users such a graphic might make things clearer.

I’m curious to see what a graphic showing Relationships would look like. No idea if it would help new users.


The closest thing that I know of is the database schema, and that’s not exactly “new user friendly”.


I think I’ve been subsumed into the hive-mind. That schema made sense. Though I retain just enough to realise that it would be difficult for some new users.

Hacking my way through thickets of fake news saying that cddb was the best database I found the following which is a ok start, and better than nothing;


We had one of our Google Code-in students last year make a video explaining some of these relationships in a video:


That’s pretty cool, didn’t know about it. But it explains the core entities pretty well. Is this linked somewhere on If not I think it should :slight_smile:


Looks good.

With a graphic of basic entities it would be somewhere that forum members could send even the least skilled, “Just give me the basics in 10 seconds”, new user.