Got a notice that my entry for the band Lovely Assistant has been deleted?

any help much appreciated

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As release group if the Artist entry is empty this will be deleted automatically. Maybe it was?

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Assuming they mean their subscription email, those don’t inform about deleted entities other than labels and artists.
Edit: I was wrong, apparently you also get notified for deleted series and collections

It looks like they only added an artist without any links or using it. So that explains why it was deleted shortly after by modbot

How to Add an Artist:

After creating your new artist you’ll see the following (unless you’ve added some relationships while creating it):

If you see this, it means you’re still not done! You’ll need to add a release to your artist, or at least some relationships, to ensure it’s not removed because of being empty.


@lovelyassistant I’ve re-added it plus your debut album:

For now I copied the credits into the annotation, you might want to check out the relationship editor to add them more properly. :slight_smile: