Global Records - Romania

I am not really contributing much anymore, but I would like to ask if there is anyone following Global Records? There is so much that is just not entered here. Are there people who follow and/or enter certain things, I know the auto editors have specialties at times? Is anyone following Romania?

Hi @jesus2099 … I think I may have not been clear enough. I know the label is here, entered into MB. I am referring to the releases under the label. Many of the releases, especially the newer ones, are not entered.

Next time you ask stuff about something, pasting the link in the your post does help. :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is the link to their official web site:
Sorry for that. I know MB does have the label in the database, and there are releases under it (I have added some of those)… but there are also a lot missing which I found when I query the database trying to find information while making a playlist.

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This is pretty much my understanding of the MB db outside western pop, western classical, and devoted fan hot-spots like J and K pop and game music.
It might be that the majority of the world’s listeners will eventually overcome technological, script and language barriers, in addition to the significant MB learning barrier, and find that MB meets their needs.
Or it vould be that MB will eventually choose to explore reaching out and actively facilitate things like versions of MB in Chinese, Thai, Romanian. Though I doubt that doing so will be expenseless*.

*Possibly a neologism meaning free, without finsncial expense.


Ouch, that was brutal :open_mouth:. Yeah, I know. There are the classical people here that take care of that, and then the western pop having dups of new releases is common. I was just unsure if maybe some editors take an interest in a label. Me for example, I would say that easily 9 of 10 releases from Global interest me. I just did not know if editors followed labels vs types of music. I will consider editing again I guess to add the Global portfolio.


Oooops, I need to modulate.

I think the path taken by MB to date in which a robust framework has been heavily prioritised over UX, even though I 've been very frustrated and vocal about the failings around UX, has really been the best path.
Without good code and a good db, MB would be a nighmare - no matter how warm fuzzy and pretty the UX was.

So I am think that if now is the time to get a better/good UX happening then further delays on globalizing are easily justified.

(To give a very recent test of global reach: Today I looked to see which Releases of El Rego and the Commandos were in the db. This group was as big as the Bee Gees in western Africa in the 70s and 80s, have international recognition and multiple releases. MB has one Release for them. And this might be just about right for the current stage of MB development.)

on small screen


Well… a good DB is debatable. But a database that was quality in 1995 is for sure. I am working off of your excessive modulation :slight_smile: There are some major lackings in O-O in this database, but I do understand that the issues are complex to fix. Henceforth, there are some issues which I personally believe will never, and can never, be resolved without doing a total overhaul. Like a V2 of MB, overhauled and ready for 21 century action!

But all that aside, I was only wondering if there was an editor who follows Global, that might enter their releases is all.

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