Get details credit in tracks

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Why receive bad voting when you get details credit for each tracks?
When we have the recordings and we know to recognize each instruments or vocalists.
I get often the details after listening. But it is not always mentioned on the booklet. There are voters excessives.

The part “Pie Jesu” in Requiem are often sung for female soprano or child soprano.
Duruflé written this part for organ cello and soprano. In all case there are no male vocals - and more there are no choral.

Please note : This recording was the first and directed by the composer.
Certainly we can to find any late arrangements.

The edits in question

My comment from the edit: Looking at the cover, it seems the credits are by work, not by track. If we can determine by ear or from another source who actually performed on which track, that’s good. But Fabe56 is right, the proof needs to be in the edit note, and probably also in an annotation so that future editors understand