(German)User-Experience identifying a disk

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Hi all,

Thanks for your great service.

Instead of typing out all the titles of my CD I found it in the database :slight_smile: :

So I’ve manipulated the URL to demonstrate the offered choices and text:
https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/attach?id=SRXh.LNUaHAz1oXR.OH1xZiLxJA-&tracks=24&toc=1+24+265158+150+6823+11177+27628+35613+46375+59105+70568+85583+95789+117554+133175+138294+141930+155625+164710+172600+190190+196342+209222+218820+229013+236928+256312 (just for demonstration)

The landing (German)-page has the following options:

CD Nachschlagen
Passende CDs
Derzeit gibt es in MusicBrainz keine Medien mit den von dir angegebenen Informationen. Du kannst mithilfe der Formulare unten nach dem von dir gewünschten Medium suchen oder eine neue Veröffentlichung zu MusicBrainz hinzufügen.

Page states “No matching CD found …” this is ok. I managed to follow the instructions :slight_smile:

Suche nach KĂĽnstler

Option A Search for artist…

Suche nach Veröffentlichung

Option B Search by release(?)

The challenge was that above-landing page was confusing and both options had different out comes:

  • It does not explain the difference work flows for artists or releases
  • Picking artists I did find the CD, but could not associate my CD with the information (I got a work-queue with “select releases for merging” … but I never intended to merge any two releases, but associate my CD with the information).
  • After quite some frustrating clicking and confirming my email address etc.
    • I tried: Picking releases … these I was able to find an option called “add TOC information to CD”

I’ve now managed to add it, so I no longer see the problem with my CD (that’s why modified the second link to show the problem, but has invalid cd-TOC-information).

I do not identify CDs that often.
I’d be grateful for a bit more or clear guidance and explanation of different workflows …
I assume it happen that I have to add the CDs information (instead of just searching for an existing information?). I’d expect two options to be available:

  • Keep a reminder: New users confirm email first … I saw it somewhere, but might be helpful to repeat it.
  • Search by artist (if this mainly/only allows merging releases point that out?)
  • Search by release (if this mainly/only allows associating TOC information point that out?)

Potentially add a link to a guide how to add a new Artist or release (after not finding them?):

  • Add new CD information? or a link on how to edit / add information properly?
  • Extra points if it does not require to read more than 10 sentences to get started :slight_smile: (enable writing first and teach corrections later?)

Potentially limit merging and other heavier features once a person understands what they are doing … I certainly don’t understand the advanced operations in MusicBrainz, yet.

Thanks for your great service and reading my “first-time user” experience report.