German localization

I hope I’m in the right forum.

I think there are some errors with the German localization.

  1. Instead of drums (drum set) Schlagzeug should been shown. In the aliases for this instrument it’s corret set: Percussion instrument “drums (drum set)” - Aliases - MusicBrainz

  2. The correct grammar for additional lyricist is zusätzlicher Texter instead of zusätzlich Texter.

  3. There’s a surplus bracket at the additional composer. Please remove it.

  4. Can recorded at also be translatet? I would suggest Aufgenommen bei or Aufgenommen in

Here’s the link to this example:


I have now added the missing German translations for “drums (drum set)” and “recorded at” and fixed the grammatical error. It will take until the next MBS release (up to two weeks) to see the changes live.

Regarding the stray bracket I am confused as I can not reproduce it. “{additional} composer” should be translated as “{additional:zusätzliche(r)} Komponist(in)”, which is the case for me:

You can ignore the AcoustID line which was added by a userscript, but note that it also shows “Produzent(in)” instead of “Produzent” for me :thinking:

In general everybody is welcome to help translating MusicBrainz into different languages:

These i18n projects for different languages are mainly community-driven and I’ve also voluntarily translated and improved some strings, although I use the English version myself :sweat_smile:


Probably @chaban has found the cause of your problem in the other thread:

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It’s right, I have Binnen-I be gone installed on my Chrome, but not on my Edge (Chromium-based).

I will take a look at the localization pages and try to correct it.

The following screenshot is from Edge without any installed extensions:

Mat Sinner as producer is correct linked (if I hover), his sex is also set to male, so it should show “Produzent” instead of “Produzent(in)”. Edit: When I change the language to English, it’s correct. When I switch back to German, it’s also correct. If I close the browser and open the same page again, it’s still correct. But I don’t know why. (tested with both Chrome and Edge)

When I hover Mat Sinner als composer, it shows Giorgia, if I hover Giorgia, it shows Mat.

Instead of “Texter und Komponst(in)” it should be “Texter und Komponst”.

Instead of “zusätzlich Texter” it should be “zusätzlicher Texter”.

Instead of “zusätzliche(r) Komponist(in)” ist should be “zusätzliche Komponisten” (plural).

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We don’t currently have a way to change those names based on the gender of the artist - I assume that’s why they were translated to show both options, so that one of the two options is always correct :slight_smile:

Thank you, I understood.