George Winters - the duo?

**Please note: It turns out that the MB entry actually contains information for two separate and unrelated George Winters. So, in addition to the original issue, the data needs split.

Some recent changes appeared on my watchlist. And I am not sure they are correct.

According to Discogs George Winters is an “Alias used by Gerhard Narholz and Manfred Minnich.”
If George Winters is not one person, do we list him as a person?
And if he is not a person, can he have a legal name?

What is the best way to write this up?



Your answers may also be able to help make changes to

who is a character performed by (at least) 4 different people.

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When two persons co‐compose (or co‐anything) with a fictitious person name, this MB artist is a group.

While I don’t pretend to know the exact situation for George Winters beyond what is posted at discogs.

But in the case of Tony Clifton, he was never a “co”. He was played by one or the other.
People caught on that Tony was Andy Kauffman, so they got a 2nd person to play him so that Andy and Tony could appear at the same place at the same time (something Clark Kent and Superman never did). And after Andy’s death, they got someone to play him so he and Bob could be at the same place at the same time.