Genre URLs and other relationships


Just a heads up that we now have both URL relationships and (in beta only) other kinds of relationships for genres, such as finnish tango - Genre information - MusicBrainz

I’ve gone through genres setting rateyourmusic and wikidata URLs and areas, but I’m sure I missed some - if you see some I’ve missed, do let me know. Also, do feel free to suggest other relationships that might make sense (allmusic / discogs genre pages?). genre-genre links (like subgenres) can’t be added yet, although @Bitmap is working on code that should eventually make that possible. And keep in mind to actually just assign a genre, there’s no need to use a relationship, we just use tags :slight_smile:


great to see progress on this~

one addition I’d like to see, Bandcamp and SoundCloud tags (other streaming sites would be nice too, of course)

I’m specifically looking at these two streaming sites, since I believe they (typically) allow free streaming worldwide.

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