Future of MetaBrainz' + MusicBrainz' IRC chatrooms

In light of this, what’s going to happen to our #musicbrainz and #metabrainz channels? Are we going to shut them down? Switch over to Discord (which @colbydray set up a few years ago)?

I believe this morning the community decided to migrate both of the channels from the freenode network to Libera.Chat instead.


I assume there’ll be a blog post with instructions on how to update any chat clients and what not?

A formal post would be nice. On irccloud it was easy at least, to connect to the new network you can just set the host name to irc.libera.chat and the channel names are still the same. Also chatlogs look like they are working again.

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Yes, there will be a post today (European today, anyway) :slight_smile:


Did I misunderstand this, or do we have a Discord channel already? If we do how do I find it :slight_smile:

It’s been mothballed for a long time. I don’t know that there’s any activity there at all anymore.

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I did create a nickname jesus2099 at Freenode, only for MusicBrainz.
I didn’t know MB had moved somewhere else.
Do you know how I can remove my account from Freenode?

I found:

Nickname Registration - freenode

Nickname Expiry

Registered nicknames and accounts will expire if they’re not used for a long time, after which they’ll be available for another user to take over. See our policies* for details of when this occurs.

While nicknames and accounts do not automatically get deleted when they expire—only when another user requests to take over the registration—we do occasionally perform clean-up runs on the services database, in which we will automatically drop all registrations which have been idle for a long time. When we do this, we set the threshold for deletion considerably higher than the documented expiry time, to ensure that users close to the limit do not lose out.


* The Policies - freenode

Nickname and account registrations expire ten weeks after they are last used.

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/msg NickServ drop <nickname>

When you do so, it also wants you to enter a password. I can’t even remember what my password is :fearful:

The account jesus2099 has been dropped.

I hope Libera does not need an account, like Freenode at the beginning.

The Freenode channel is still full of people and it still exists with a topic and everything.
Shouldn’t we replace its topic by a redirection to Libera and then delete it in a few weeks?
Apparently chatlogs are plugged to the new IRC (because I did not see my message appear there) but Contact - MetaBrainz Foundation should be updated too, @reosarevok.

The network doesn’t force you to register your nickname, but individual channels can require it.

If you don’t register your nick other people can use it or even register it for themselves of course.


If you still use this nick you likely have the password set in your IRC client, so maybe check there.

You can also reset that password

/msg NickServ sendpass <nick>

See also

/msg NickServ help

It doesn’t look like Adium has the ability to view stored passwords. Their help page on this topic wasn’t very useful to me.

I tried that, and it gave me this error message:

(notice) This operation cannot be performed on <nick>, because someone is logged in to it.


In case you are still looking to resolve this, try setting a new password


OK, that worked. Now that’s one less account to worry about :sweat_smile:

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