Frontiers Records vs Frontiers Music Srl

I own several CDs published by the independent Italian rock label Frontiers Records [1]. According to their website [2], Frontiers Records operate under the new trade name Frontiers Music Srl (which I believe was the name of Frontiers Records’ holding company) since late summer 2014. Indeed, the Frontiers website, their logo, and all of their social media channels refer to Frontiers Music Srl.

My problem is that, in all of my CDs from Frontiers, the name “Frontiers Records” appears on the spine together with the catalog number, as well as on the back cover (and on the disc itself) in the copyright and publisher information, as in

℗ & © 2018 Frontiers Records. All rights reserved.

while Frontiers Music Srl appears only in the logo (usually printed in the lower left corner of the back cover, and on the disc). Moreover, there is a Label Code for Frontiers Records [3], but not for Frontiers Music Srl.

So, how should I/we handle Frontiers’ releases post-2014? Both labels, Frontiers Records and Frontiers Music Srl, are already in MusicBrainz. One possibility would be to set Frontiers Records as active from 1996 to 2014 and mark it as “ended”; then make Frontiers Music Srl active from 2014 to present, create a Rename Relationship and, if allowed (or even possible), create also the alias “Frontiers Records” for it. But I am not entirely sure this is the correct course of action, because Frontiers Records is, after all, still stated as the publisher (and copyright holder) in all of the Frontiers’ CDs I own. Another possibility would perhaps be to keep Frontiers Records as is (founded in 1996 and still active), delete Frontiers Music Srl as a label, and instead make it an alias for Frontiers Records.

Before I start making edits, I would like to hear people’s opinion and reach a consensus on how to handle the situation, which is not as straightforward as a label changing its name, because both the old and the new names still appear in releases published after the renaming occurred.

[1] Frontiers Records - Wikipedia
[2] Frontiers Music Srl | Record Label

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It’s confusing to me also. Looking at a few recent releases, like this Blue Oyster Cult cd, they have the Frontiers Music Srl logo on both the back cover and the disc, but the spine says Frontiers Records. Based on that, both could be listed as release labels.

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Exactly, you should set both as release labels, if that’s so.


Then these MB releases should have the 2 labels as release labels.