French speakers, I need your help

Just added release with playlist in French language, can someone check please?


Ça m’a l’air pas mal.
It looks good to me. :wink:

Except the artist credit, I would have expected French et instead of English and as all the rest is French. But maybe it’s just how the actual release is.

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Thank you very much!

It is credited like this: “alexei aigui/pierre bastien”, while French locale for Alexei’s name would be “Alexeï Aïgui”, as it is here.

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So what about Alexeï Aïgui / Pierre Bastien?


You are right about the join phrase here, but I’m not quite sure about locale. CD was only released in Russia, which is neither French nor English speaking country.
On the other hand, backside track list does not contain French special characters, which can lead to missing locale in artist credit as well.
I need more opinions on that one :slight_smile:

Although it has been released in Russia only, it is clearly intended for French-speaking listeners (tourists? microcosm?). Thus, fixing characters comply with our guidelines for error correction.

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Yeah, I already have edited that one, thanks!

edit: grammar.

Not necessarily made for French people.
Made by French fans out by fans of genuine script for works.
When I see a release where people tried hard to use a foreign language but unwillingly made typos or ommissions I would rather tend to fix.

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Aigui is working widely with French composers, and also he writes scores for French movies, I think he is enough “into” French culture.
This may be, as you state, to show some appreciation and love to France :slight_smile:
Even with some mistakes it is still kinda cute :blush:

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