Founding date of Superlative Music Recordings

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Wrong guy(s).
We were talking about the other artists on the label.

Yeah… that list of “artists” on the label’s website is comical. They should certainly not get any kind of entries here at MB. All of them are just filler. None of their links work on that site anyway and Threatin is the only one you can find anything about. Really is a fascinating incite into the mind of a narcissist. I can’t wait for his Twitter announcement due today.

Surely MagnifiedMedia would not be so daft to use their own name on a fake campaign like this? Otherwise it will lead to MagnifiedMedia being linked with faked scams.

Oh, it goes deeper that I thought. According to Wikipedia Magnified Media PR is yet another fake company.

It was also found that Threatin created a series of fake websites for a booking agency (StageRight Bookings), a record label (Superlative Music Recordings), a PR company (Magnified Media PR), and various music press websites (Top Rock Press, New York Music Review, Celebrity Music Scene) in an attempt to give his band credibility and secure the tour.

None of this is anything new. He just happened to get exposed. Most likely by the “opening acts” that paid for their spot on the tour. Or by the unions that didn’t like scabs getting gigs.

None of this is anything new. He just happened to get exposed.

I’ve heard that Whyte Lace tried something similar, but I think this level of deception is something new.

In the 1970s, Alice Cooper would stop interviews to ask reporters “are you interviewing Alice or Vincent” because the character would give different answers than the person. Many professional wrestlers do the same thing when the questions seem to cross the line from character to performer.
Milli Vanilli was a real group, they just used actors for public appearances.
John Holmes said he banged 10,000 women and was paid by a King to breed a Queen.
Vanilla Ice was a champion bike rider… but his management team forgot to tell him about it, and when he was interviewed about it he didn’t know what they were talking about it.
Out of work actors say they are doing research for a new role to give it more realism. Out of work musicians say they are writing new songs.
Yes, even the reviews you read in magazines are paid advertisements. The cover of Rolling Stone Magazine is available to anyone with enough money. The Super Bowl Half Time Show is pay-to-play.
It is the entertainment business, everything is fake. Even reality tv is fake.

Me, personally - Justcheckingitout currently owns a company called Just Out Inc. True Story, only the names were changed. I started jokingly calling myself Just Out Entertainment in the 1980s. I started using the name professionally in various forms in the 1990s (with evidence to prove it). But, according to the government, it was started in the 2000s, this is also the date that the banks use, because that is when the legal documents were filed.
Just Out Entertainment. Just Out Productions. Checkingitout Financial. Mr Just Coffee. Mr Just Paper.
I am not allowed to be involved with the legal pot business.

Most musicians are everything. They are the writer, producer, manager, label, booking agent, press agent, stylist… it is only as they grow that they can hire people to do those things. This is why musicians make excellent businessmen and often get hired for decent jobs - they have experience in all of that stuff.
But, you can see in the example I gave, if I wanted to write a history about the company, when did it start. The 80s, 90s, or 00s?

Once MB gets ALL data filled in, it will be painfully obvious that this happens all the time. John Smith (musician) also owns John Smith Publishing and John Smith Records, and the only artist on John Smith Records is John Smith (musician), and the only client of the John Smith Publishing company is John Smith (musician) and they only release songs to John Smith Records.


This really isn’t new. Even back in MySpace times there were heaps of schemes to up your friend count to give you ‘credibility’. Rappers rent cars to make themselves look rich in videos. People talk themselves up to get support slots. Labels now expect you to come to them with an established audience (eg social media followers). And it can be be gamed.

This example is is super dumb and funny and an extreme level of effort though haha - I wonder if this guy is okay?? Possibly rich, but also possibly not okay?

It’s not THAT hard to book shows :roll_eyes:

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