Font rendering / weird character spacing

Anyone else having issues with weird character spacing on MusicBrainz ? Here’s an example of what I’m getting on

Look at the space between the Y and the S in B.Y.S.

Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox :

Edge, IE 11 :

Is this because of the browser default font ? Or is it because of MusicBrainz ? Or am I missing a font ? Or is it something that some browsers are better at than others ? Can anyone shed some light ? :confused:

Do you really worry? :smiley:
I do not know which one you prefer but one browser is able to ignore upper right part of the Y and the other is not, so the period character only starts after that.

I wouldn’t say I’m worried but if it’s something that can be fixed, I’d appreciate it hehe :slight_smile: Without changing browsers I mean…

It’s probably a browser-specific kerning issue, because it’s the same font. Actually it looks like both camps do it wrong: Chrome et alii would look better if the Y was closer to the preceding period, and the Microsoft bunch have a little too much space between the Y and the period following it.

Anyway there is not much you or MusicBrainz could do to fix this. An altogether different font may have better kerning, and I think the font used on MusicBrainz is rather ugly anyway. You can change a website’s font with the Stylish addon for Firefox.


Could it be related to Win10 ? I’m currently at work and it looks ok in Vivaldi and Chrome (on Win7 though).

This is really annoying the hell out of me :slight_smile: