Flerte Fatal

User Victor Porto (registered as victorporto98 and victorporto99) keeps trying to add the band Flerte Fatal to the database. He even went as far as to create a Wikipedia article for the band in which he provided no sources. According to him the band has had a several releases through Wea Brasil and Universal Music as well as several recorded appearances in MTV that have been released as albums.
However he has never provided any concrete evidence that any of this is real and you would figure that a band of such profile would at least have some proof of its existence. He has repeatedly attempted to add the band throughout the years in spite of his edits being continually rejected when they come under scrutiny.

Please support the open edits to remove this band. Thanks!


Please be sure to also report such users (using the “Report this user” link on the user profiles), both for continuing to enter knowingly wrong data (or not providing proof that it is actually correct), and for sockpuppeteering.

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So there is no evidence, not even Disc IDs or fingerprints?

Right, there are no disc IDs of any sort. The closest thing that you will find are these videos that he uploaded to YouTube a couple of years ago:

However if you translate the description from the “About” tab of his YouTube channel from Portuguese to English, it roughly translates as:

rock band from Ceara formed in 2014. With compositions influenced by bands like Titãs, Ira!, and Legião Urbana, Flerte Fatal launched a home made EP that you can find here. It is scheduled to begin recording professionally in July of this year, stay tuned!

I am not sure if he’s ever recorded anything professionally after that but to me that reads as a more accurate description of his band. That means that his band has not been around since 1995 like he is currently claiming with the “Zona de Combate” LP that he added in edit # 44045430 and there are definitely no traces of any of the releases that he claims came from Wea Brasil or Universal Music outside of the fake Wikipedia articles that he created.

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I wouldn’t mind if that YouTube EP was added (potentially with “Zona de Combate” as a separate single, given the upload dates), especially since it’s not all that different a format than some of the releases I work with, but I did my own digging and I can’t find any of the “professional” releases either. The trick seems like it will always be separating the true history we care about from the lore he’s built around the band, and keeping those two separate given how strongly the lore is pushed.


Rinse and repeat. Please support open edits for removing this band yet again. This band is still not real (at least not the fictional version added to MusicBrainz). Edit comments used to justify it range “CD in hand” to sources that are sketchy at best.