Finding the edit that deleted a release

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How can I search for the edit that deleted a given release? I looked in Search Edits but of course when I paste the GUID into the release field it is cleared automatically.

I guess from that behaviour that deleted GUIDs can’t be search for. Which perhaps is a bug in itself?


Was the item merged or was it deleted?

If you try and access an item that was merged it will show the new entry.

Items are deleted when they don’t have any information.
For example if you create an artist but don’t include any url’s or relationships to works, releases etc it will automatically be deleted.

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I assume deleted.

Merged releases should be discoverable using any of the releases’ IDs, yes?

I thought items are also deleted when you click on “Remove”.

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I’d search for remove release edits for the artist.


Thanks, but sadly:

returns > 500 edits, and I’ll be damned if I take that route.

I’m guessing the answer is: “no, there is no easy way to find the edit that deleted a release (especially for Various Artists)”.

Assuming MB doesn’t re-use IDs it’s odd that you can’t search among the dead. I’ll raise a ticket.


You can limit the search with Created being between today and the day you copied that MBID from MB.

True, but that was years ago. For historical purposes one should be able to search dead IDs.

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