Finding a file in the codebase

i was surfing the wiki.musicbrainz on my mobile and realized it is not responsive and mobile optimised(wondering how is it still unnoticed or am i misundertanding something) and now i’m finding the repo related to the site to make necessary code changes. any help would be really nice. i’m talking about this Development/Summer of Code - MusicBrainz Wiki


In the meantime, you can use a small user stylesheet to fix the biggest issue of half page margin:

@yvanzo might be able to help :slight_smile:

Edit: I misread the original post; the below is referring to /doc pages, not the site that’s the source of those pages. Sorry for the confusion.

I posted about this a while back at Making documentation pages usable on mobile devices.

The stylesheet for documentation pages looks like it’s at, so I’ve uploaded my proposed fix at

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@derat have you included that margin-left: 12.5em issue fix?
See screenshot.

For what it’s worth, this should just apply to /doc pages, right? While the original post was about the wiki.musicbrainz version which I assume uses whatever our MediaWiki config is?

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Whoops, my mistake. Yes, my change was for transcluded /doc pages, not the MediaWiki pages that are being discussed here.

thanks for the info, well so it means that we don’t have the concerned file in any MB github repo to make the changes?

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@yvanzo hey! can you help?

Hi @passerby!

It’s a MediaWiki instance. The codebase for MediaWiki lives in their own Gerrit instance. If creating an MB repository on GitHub, I don’t know what files would need to be in it.

This instance was maintained by volunteers for years, and I’m now helping as much as possible to maintain it, but I’m in no way an expert, so any helping hand is welcome.

I’m currently planning to upgrade MediaWiki to its latest LTS version 1.39. It comes with a new skin Minerva which is optimized for use with the extension MobileFrontend that has been suggested since OTHER-342.


There is a CSS where there is:

@media screen and (max-width: 550px) {

It is where they have put there mobile related styling, but I don’t know where it is.

Can you find this stylesheet and insert the following line, inside these brackets?

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Hi @yvanzo thats a great upgrade, please let me know if could be of any help to you in transitioning it to the latest version or anything related to making it more mobile friendly in general.


thanks @jesus2099 will surely try to find this css file once i get time, currently need to meet some deadlines, haha.



I see stylesheets in the monobook skin repo, but it is a more recent version, apparently.

There are version tags but do you know what version of monobook theme we have?

I have added this to the Wiki home page (home page for now, because it is just a paragraph).

Questions (and complaints) about the wiki come up every so often, so it would be great to get some updates - but if this thread leads to information and help on how more users can update and maintain that would be amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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