MB wiki skin monobook bug on mobile

The monobook skin version used on MB’s MediaWiki wiki has a bug on mobile.
The #content element has a margin-left: 12.5em that should be removed when screen width is narrow like on mobile:

On desktop, it leaves room for the left sidebar.
But on mobile, there is no sidebar, there is a pop-over menu instead.

It is simple to fix and it would allow mobile phones to browse wiki.musicbrainz.org in a legible way.

I would like to share my fix to everyone’s smartphone but I didn’t find the stylesheet where I could contribute the simple fix in MetaBrainz Foundation · GitHub repositories.

Apparently one has to edit MediaWiki:Common.css - MusicBrainz Wiki but I don’t have rights. :wink:


There is a user stylesheet workaround, further down this page, until this is fixed within the wiki itself.


Until OTHER-401 is fixed, I made a small user stylesheet, for those like me who occasionally use the wiki on Android.

Click … View raw to install.

It first requires Kiwi browser and Stylus extension.

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