Find label from artist AND track AND album

I’m working on a project for copyright reporting to Sound Exchange. The entries in the system (made by DJs at radio stations) often don’t include an entry in the ‘label’ field which is required in the report to sound exchange.
Is there any particularly efficient way to search with these criteria?
I don’t see any way of searching the database directly short of installing it, and the php on the servers generally don’t have postgres enabled.
there would also be quite a bit of activity…, probably confined to the end of the quarter when i’d run the tools to generate the actual reports.

thoughts for a newbie?


Otis Maclay
Pacfica Foundation

There is a web service you can query against but for large/commercial aspects it is likely best if you come commercial feed.

You will likely could have many different results things like release country could also be useful in getting the correct label you need rather than imprint label when releases are in different markets.

I should point out that these stations are non-commercial listener-sponsored stations.

Note that the concept of labels is a tricky one (I’d link, but I’m on mobile right now), so tread cautiously. Also, as @rob has pointed out often enough, MB’s purpose is not to determine rights holders, so if that’s what you want the label info for, you ought to look elsewhere.

Even so, if you do end up using our data, you really should get in touch with @chrisskye about licensing. Keep in mind that we do have a (free) tier for open source and non-profits. :slight_smile:

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