Filtering the original release date

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If I understand correctly, then when determining a Release’s original release date, the server looks at the Release Group it belongs to, and all the other Releases that belong to it, and gets the minimum release date it can find.

Would it be a good idea to filter that query to include only official, not promotional, Releases?

Then, for example, would have an original release date of 1993-01-11 rather than 1992, which seems more accurate to me.


Good idea. Can I suggest that you create a ticket for it on JIRA so that it doesn’t get lost? Thanks.


Thanks, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me before I opened a ticket, that it actually was a good idea.

Although I should have checked there first, it turns out there’s already a ticket for this,

(Theoretically, this ought to be a simple case of adding a WHERE clause to the SQL query, but I tend not to have much luck getting these things up and running enough to have a go at implementing it…)


I’d suggest instead having two options “originaldate” and “originalofficialdate”, and let people choose. As per the comments on the tickets, not everyone prefers the latter, plus that would avoid breaking anything that depends on the current way it works.


Good point, having both, plus not breaking anything, sounds good to me!

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