Filming location for music video

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Is there a way to credit the filming location for a music video?
Can the “recorded-in” recording-area relationship be used for that if the recording is marked as a video or should that still only be used for where the audio was recorded?


You can use “recorded in” or “recorded at” if you want, I guess.
I did create this ticket a while back to add a “video” attribute to that relationship, but so far it’s gone nowhere.


Well that is about the “recorded by” not the recorded in/at" relationship, but you got my vote anyway. :slight_smile:

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Here’s a similar ticket for the recorded in/at relationships. (It had been nearly a year since I made that first ticket, so I had forgotten what all it covered.)

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If there’s an actual interest in storing this sort of data (and no fear of going too deep into VideoBrainz, so to say), I have no problem with adding these options :slight_smile:

Let’s do an informal poll: heart this if you want this to happen, answer with why it’s not a good idea if you don’t! (and ignore it if you don’t care, as you were going to do anyway :wink: )


Counting all posts so far 8 people showed their approval with a :heart: and nobody voiced any concerns…

It is not an approval, for me.
I just like the topic, it’s interesting.
But I am not really missing this feature as what counts for me is the audio recording.

For live or live‐lookalike videos

When video might be misleadingly from different location or date than vocals, I can content myself with the annotation and comment.

For music videos (PV)

I don’t really care, in this case, where the shooting was done, as it’s never the same as audio, so there is no mislead.

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Ok then!

I’ve added some of these, but as separate relationships. For one, because the “recorded by” relationship got changed to “recording engineer” recently, and that’s pretty much exclusively audio. And also because the two are fairly different tasks anyway, so it’s better not to make data users depend on checking attributes to know this (same why we split “lyricist” and “translator”).

Video director
Video shot in / Video shot at

I’m not sure what to choose for the “recorded by” which I assume mostly means “camera work by”. “shot by”? “camera by”? “video recorded by”?


What about « was filmed by » ?

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Thanks, and you’re right. Separate relationships are better. :+1:

I already added some music videos that were shot in Queensbridge.
I like that they are now all listed there under “shooting location for”. :slight_smile: