Festival time table

is anybody itterested in a very poorly made page that generates time tables for festivals (if they are proberly added)

it’s very slow (because i am only allowed to do one request per second

and it doesn’t have styling so it looks ugly.
it currently only works with a few pre defined festivals that i have selected.

it is made in javascript.


Looks good. I have been thinking for a while about a “service”, MB can offer to (smaller) festivals. There can be widgets which show a timetable in different formats. And this may be the timetable format as a starting point.
Maybe we can get the festival organizer to enter the event data directly to MB and just use the widget. This will also be nice for Tours I think. Songkick does have such a widget. See https://www.brothersofmetal.net/ as an example. I don’t know how MeB will handle this kind of service, but maybe this a way for MeB to get more sponsors?

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Awesome. I think it’s a great idea. Currently MB doesn’t offer a one-page overview of what a festival has to offer because festivals are separated into different pages for days and venues. Tools to auto-generate timetables would be a nice addition to what we have.

Reminds me of Wikipedia band member visuals like this:

All the info can be found elsewhere, and while for computers reading the info that would be fine, for us humans such schematic visuals really help us understand what’s going on.

I think having such timetables being available on the festival event pages on MB would be really cool!

Edit: just noticed this ticket. We would definitely need that implemented for this to ever happen on MB.

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Oh yeah, theese visuals are also on my list of wanted features. Also making the group member clickable and showing a similar visual for the person where you then can jump to another group where the person is a member…

there are loads of fun idea’s to visualize the data that is in this database.

for festival schedules are easy.
but you could also create statistics, show a list of how ofter a certain band has played there. so you can see which band has played there the most.

but for bands you maybe could do a map view where you can see the tour go from city to city. and maybe at each stop you could show what other bands played there aswel.


i need to be able to retreive a user his liked artist so i can highlight the artists that he likes on the festival overview.

so i made a thingy that can create schedules from festival events.
it is super slow and might fail sometimes.

the main idea is that it would use a users collection to fill in the users liked artists/festivals (artists that are colored blue should be liked artist)
if you use fetch it will only get the relations of the entered mbId, if you do full it will also get the relations of the relations.
keep in mind that it can only do 1 get per second… so it is super slow.

i have a lot of ideas on how to more cleanly visualise the data in the music brainz database.


if there are people interrested, i added stuff to view more information about artists.
if you fetch a band it will look for the band members and then fetch the band’s of each member.
at the end you will get a list of ALL the bands each member is in.

(again this is very slow)


i am now able to create a table of all the band members annd what role they played at what time.

(i know it looks shitty but i am a noob at programming)


oke, so i have added some stuff and i also added gitlab pages.
you can test the page here

i still havent added any log in to music brainz yet because that looks very complicated.
but what you can do is past a mbId in the text box, then press the correct button (for what type the mbid is for (so if you input the mbid of a band, you press artist, if you enter the mbid of an event you press event)
if you want the thing to fetch also deeper stuff (like with festivals where you have multiple days and multiple stages you check the checkbox and it will fetch deeper stuff aswel.
keep in mind, it is slow since we are only allowed to fetch one thing at a time.
if it would crash at any point, contact me with the mbid that u used and i will see what the issue is.
the buttons for favorite artist/event/series i use for testing.
in the future (when i implement loggin in and being able to get user collections) it should be the idea that i use the user favorites in stead off my dummy information.

and again i’m just a noob, and i know it looks ugly.

(oh and if you have a lot of time can fully fetch a series of events and see which artist played on that festival the most)