Feedback and support thread for the Pulsewidth a-tisket instance

I am here due to @IvanDobsky. This is an interesting tool. I am not one who considers streaming sources as a release in MB, however, I realize that others do. This does provide a good amount of data on such releases. I am also happy to see that there is iTunes, where I can actually get a copy of a release.

Do you have the source code posted anywhere? I have a page where I have placed two hosted tools (not my original code) and have source on GitHub. I would be happy to at least link to your site for this, but am interested to see the source behind the screen. While it is nowhere near as fancy as this, there is the iTunes artwork finder… MusicBrainz Editor Tools

thank you @atj for adding the new feature for itunes searches without upc. it’s been very helpful, especially with the new itunes update. however, the cached version doesn’t seem to save the countries.

e.g. Edit #88969109 - MusicBrainz

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hi!! one more thing. very sorry if i seem demanding or overwhelming with all of my recent replies, but i just wanted to note one more thing that i think you should know. please do not stress about fixing anything, i’m only adding it so that it’s noted.

there are some new countries that have spotify and have not been added yet.

countries added on 29 september 2021

  • anguilla
  • aruba
  • bonaire
  • british virgin islands
  • cayman islands
  • french guinea
  • guadeloupe
  • martinique
  • montserrat
  • saba
  • saint barthélemy
  • saint martin (both parts, dutch and french)
  • sint eustatius
  • turks and caicos islands

countries added on 16 november 2021

  • democratic republic of the congo
  • iraq
  • libya
  • congo
  • tajikistan
  • venezuela

source: wikipedia
thank you, and i apologize if this has already been mentioned :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this issue has been reported before, but sometimes I need to run a lookup twice for it to pull from all services.

I usually input the Spotify link/ID, set preferred vendor to iTunes, and turn on “Search iTunes globally…”

if it only shows a Spotify release, I’ll scroll down and Search again, and usually then it’ll pull up a Deezer and/or Apple Music release on the second search. could have something to do with running a search before the UPC is pulled from Spotify? idk

seperate issue I just found…

while trying to import Blind Threshold by Beats Antique (from Spotify, as mentioned above), I got different track lists. at first, I figured it was just different versions, but after trying to add the iTunes version, I realized the first 3 tracks were actually a completely different album (by a completely different artist), and they got mashed together somehow!

the Apple Music releases in question:

the tracklist for parser
  1. Southern Abyss - Atragun (08:17)
  2. Paradise Hill - Atragun (07:21)
  3. Kalmykia - Atragun (08:09)
  4. Egyptic - Beats Antique (05:49)
  5. Runaway - Beats Antique (05:05)
  6. Revival - Beats Antique & Lynx (04:30)
  7. Spiderbite - Beats Antique (04:11)
  8. Vardo - Beats Antique (04:05)
  9. Rising Tide (feat. LYNX) - Beats Antique (03:49)
  10. Daze - Beats Antique & Eva Salina (04:26)
  11. Prelude - Beats Antique (01:44)
  12. Miss Levine - Beats Antique & John Popper (05:05)
  13. Nesvalo (feat. Eva Salina) - Beats Antique (05:13)
  14. Grandstand - Beats Antique (04:32)
  15. There Ya Go (feat. John Popper) - Beats Antique (04:36)
  16. Merry Go Round - Beats Antique (04:41)
  17. I Got…by Mix n Blend, Narch (Beats Antique Remix) - Beats Antique (04:11)

it seems both were released quite some time ago (2010 & 2011 respectively), so there’s probably none of the new Apple Music funkiness going on (different releases with the same barcode, ID, or what-have-you). this also doesn’t happen when I lookup the Atragun release from Apple Music…


Found two links for seemingly the same album on itunes:

This one works in the website: ‎KAF+YOU KAFU COMPILATION ALBUM by Various Artists on Apple Music

this one doesnt: ‎KAF+YOU KAFU COMPILATION ALBUM by Various Artists on Apple Music

tested this as well, the first one (ID starts with 16) shows available in all 169 countries iTunes/Apple Music is available, and doesn’t pull a UPC (because recent iTunes release). the second (as said) doesn’t pull any results, even though it’s seems to be available on Apple Music.

I’d just like to add that maybe the best way to move forward until there’s like previously discussed a [internet] country tag or the like maybe be to put the excluded countries from streaming under annotations with a date stamp (like you can right now) and then put worldwide as country tag?

Info is saved if anyone would be interested in that in the future and there isn’t a dumb list of like 200 countries which noone has any use for bloating the pages.

And again, it makes no sense to keep that list. What if Russia for example is added to spotify again? Make a new release with 201 countries in the list? Web releases are not static like a physical release and treating it like so is insane. Adding to that even if barcode is different or missing usually for example a bandcamp/deezer release is identical to each other so the same release in the sense that the exact same files made available through the internet is still available to people whose country has been blocked in a specific vendor. We’re not making a database of spotify, we’re making a database of the music


This is surely easily solved. When Spotify starts sales into Russia on, for example, 9th May 2025 then that single date could be added to all of these lists. It is a separate release date for the country. And then these lists would be interesting. This is a failing at the moment as you see countries like India with 2016 release dates even though the service did not start there until 26 Feb 2019.


I’ve noticed a weird quirk when seeding Apple Music releases. Not only does UPC lookup work once again, if there is more than one version of a release available a-tisket will compound the tracklists of all available versions into one if only the UPC is provided (as opposed to both a UPC and an Apple Music/iTunes ID).
Similarly, if I seed a release from Spotify or Deezer, sometimes I’ll get a hit from iTunes as well, but its UPC won’t always match.


The iTunes UPC lookup API recently changed to also return related releases with a different barcode than the one the user provided. It’s very weird.


It gets even weirder. Seeding ‎The Waterfall by My Morning Jacket on Apple Music returns a different barcode than its source code contains!

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iTunes ID lookup stopped working for me :confused:

I just did a bunch of a-tisket-ing as well, and had an Apple Music release not show up a couple times. had to look them up a third time to get it to show up (see previous post about issue):

did Apple break a-tisket again? :melting_face:

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It just started working again on my end. It was probably a momentary hiccup. Could be on either end.

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It would be great if you could use this to update existing releases with more info, for example if a release only has a bandcamp page but it’s clearly the same release.

Or at least if it already has release tied to the barcode but it’s missing some store links.

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I am new in the community, but over two decades involved in music as both a hobbyist and a radio professional. My main occupation being an IT developer, I would like to offer a hand regarding bug fixing and further development of the existing A-Tisket PHP script. I’m a seasoned PHP developer and have experience with both APIs and other data fetching methods for Apple/iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Napster, Amazon Music …

Just ping me if needed …


Congrats for a good collection of online tools on your website.

I already have a suggestion how to improve your “iTunes Artwork Finder”, there are links with even better quality cover image available from Apple, namely the source image scan which can be over 150 MB in size … I’ll send you that info on your github issues page.

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Is this “source image” any different from what the Image Max URL tool returns?

welcome to the community, btoplak~ good to have another developer interested in A-tisket!~

I believe @atj is currently maintaining and hosting the Pulsewidth mirror, and @marlonob wrote the original code and is still hosting their older unmaintained version

a common combination several editors—myself included—use is A-tisket + @ROpdebee’s Enhanced Cover Art Uploads userscript. you might take a look:

some example edits from Amazon and Apple Music, and it works with many other storefronts and streaming services.

that said, I believe the links supplied on A-tisket are the high-resolution images in question… I could be mistaken tho~ :melting_face:


In some cases, the “original image” generated by a-tisket is either not the highest resolution or is a different image format (Apple Music supports PNGs, but a-tisket doesn’t extract them as such, whereas ECAU does).