Feedback and support thread for the Pulsewidth a-tisket instance

+1 on these.

Creation date of these companies can be found on Wikipedia. (i.e. Spotify 2006) Also lists on there when they came online in various markets as it was not worldwide to start.

It is great seeing people using a-tisket to fill holes in discographies, but frustrating when we have to clean up after them and deleting yet another batch of 1990s dates.


Controversial solution: digital releases that are indistuinguishable from a phsyical release could be recorded by adding the spotify/deezer/apple/et al links to that release.

I’ve created a pr that implements this: ability to add edit-notes by reubot · Pull Request #14 · kepstin/magicisrc · GitHub

It can be tested at reubot’s MagicISRC. If nothing happens with the pr then adding my instance to a-tisket could be a solution.


I’m getting 403 errors when trying to reach this instance from a certain IP, is a server admin able to have a look, happy to provide the IP via message.

What’s the status of adding Tidal to the list of services? Don’t see any messages about it since back in February 2023.


Is there any way to lock-in or auto set the ‘Preferred countries’ field (to US in my case)? I’ve been using ISRC Hunt more as well as other links to atisket and I usually load the page twice because I’m working with US based artists (click link to atisket > set preferred countries field to US > click search again). Or is there maybe some way to append preferred_countries=us to the URL each time?


i have just been made aware that tidal has an open api available in beta since ~september 2023 Welcome to TIDAL Developer | TIDAL Developer Portal. it should be a fairly easy addition now

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Is it possible to improve this, to add External Spotify links to recordings?

@lightmaster @Xythium @hiabcwelcome I don’t believe @atj is doing much more than maintenance updates on a-tisket anymore (tho correct me if I’m wrong)… that said, I know @kellnerd has been working on an open source replacement (I think it’s called Harmony?), and will hopefully consider those features for it~

(I’d especially like to see a feature to add track links to recordings myself~)