Featured artist in release titles

Some editors are concerned about the removal of featured artists from Release titles.
I’d like to know more about their concerns and see where a wider discussion might go.
Hence this thread.

The featured artist wasn’t removed. But it looks removed instead of moved because it was added in a different edit.
Move = remove from X and add place in Y

He did the correct thing according to the MB rules. Other places have their rules. We have ours. We do things according to ours.


*I’m actually concerned that some of those edits will cause a failed dependency.

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The direction of the edits look good to me.

What I am asking for is more about the concerns of editors who see things differently to the current guidelines.

Maybe those guidelines are good enough around this issue. Or maybe they can be improved.

The disagreeing editors are the people who may be able to show us how the guidelines can be improved.

I am not concerned about someone wanting to do what last.fm does. That’s a silly argument.

I don’t know who, when, or why the rules were made. But it makes total sense to me that a song title is a song title and not a song title plus artist. If the title includes the artist, who is the artist?

In most situations “that a song title is a song title and not a song title plus artist” makes good sense to me too.
However maybe the editors who disagree can see something we can’t.
Something that would be good to include in the style guidelines.
If the MB editor community thought that they were pointing out something that was important about song titles the guideline could be changed.

I’m pretty sure there’s a Picard plugin that moves the featured artist back to the song title.