Feature request: show non-english Wikipedia links as it should be

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Hello, I would like to place a feature request:

For example at this artist page:
Vali Vijelie - https://musicbrainz.org/artist/4381a7e7-165f-41a7-b01b-79dde01f1413
The profile page shows “en: ro:Vali Vijelie”

Instead, it should simply show “ro:Vali Vijelie”, nothing else

The error seems to have been with a weirdly formatted Wikipedia link. I have changed it to a proper Romanian Wikipedia link and added the Wikidata link.

By the way, you can make bug reports on Jira. The developers are more likely to see it there and they can track bugs that way.


Thanks, but I’m still so puzzled…

Now I can’t see any Wikipedia link in the artist page (neither Eglish or Romanian). There is only a WikiData link, Yet, the Overview tab contains data from English Wikipedia!

Also, I think it would be more intuitive if the interface would write “WikiData” (or “WikiData - Q6274026”) instead of “Q6274026” on the right box where the links are, since I really doubt any reader would make use of the “Q6274026” code

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You can’t see the relationships because they were removed in edits 54664029 and 54664028.

Separate Wikipedia links are no longer necessary because they can be linked through from Wikidata. The text from Wikipedia on entity pages is shown via that Wikidata link. The language of that text depends on the available Wikipedia page and the languages set in your profile (and some other things).

I agree that the Wikidata logo (which few people would ever recognise) and the code doesn’t give users a lot of useful information at a glance. Maybe you should make a ticket for the change you propose?


@OneMusicDream And have a look at

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I tried something - I hope it’s acceptable as a ticket.

Thanks for all the clarifications


If you really want to have a direct link to the Romanian Wikipedia (WP) page, and if you know how to install and use a user script, there is a script named ALL LINKS (click Raw to install if you have browser userscript engine) which, among other things, will display your favourite language WP pages under the Wikidata (WD) sidebar link:

(updated image)

It takes your favourite language list from your browser but you can also manually set a list of other languages in the script itself.


Now I realized that I got the weirdly formatted Wikipedia link from the Lyrics.Wikia encyclopedia. There, instead of “ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artist”, they format it like “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ro:Artist” - for some reason unknown to me.
Maybe MusicBrainz can repair such links automatically, as it already repairs (shortens) a lot of links when you introduce them

I don’t think it makes sense to fix Wikipedia links when they are basically depreciated since 2015.
Displaying Wikipedia links should be done by integrating the script above into MBS. Errors will be far less if the links are taken from WD instead of added manually.