Feature request: Show both "Album" and "Album + Compilation" in the same window

I would like to place another feature request:
Add an “ALL” option for the users so they can view all the releases of an artist in the same window. For example at Laura (Romanian singer):
Show “Album” and “Album + Compilation” in the same window

It is not album on one side and compilations on the other.
See an artist with more release groups to compare.

It is release groups where the artist appears on one side and release groups where the artist does not appear (as RG or release artist) but that contain track(s) by the artist.


Thanks, it’s good to have a clear distinction between them. Yet, they can be all shown in the same window.
Also, the current way to switch between them, with some text links (at the bottom) is really cryptic for the regular internet users. At least would be necessary some nice, suggestive and easy to recognize icons for those links.

I have to make a correction.
It’s not about showing “Album” and “Album + Compilation” in the same window

It’s about showing the albums by that artist and compilations by various artists release groups - joined.

The users should have an option to see all of them in the same window. And to set that as their default view.

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I suggested this feature and it will be implemented as a part of the Artist’s Overview redesign (see https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-9536 - search for “Round 3”, then point 2.3).