Feature request: Mark the selected artists in the Track Parser text


When editing the tracklist using the Track Parser, the already selected artists (marked with a green background) can appear in the Track Parser text, using their unique ID.

For example, instead of
“86. Gata gata - Nek (3:28)”

change the tracklist into:
“86. Gata gata - [A=f0169fbe-1518-4fd5-9861-5f0f6d96f2eb] (3:28)”

Or maybe better
“86. Gata gata - [A=Nek,f0169fbe-1518-4fd5-9861-5f0f6d96f2eb] (3:28)”

(At this release)

This would be very helpful for saving your work as a draft - by saving the track list in a text file. Also for quickly selecting the artists using a simple replace in the track parser text file - in this case, replacing “Nek” with “[A=Nek,f0169fbe-1518-4fd5-9861-5f0f6d96f2eb]”. That would save a lot of time when editing a release with a lot of tracks that are featuring a relatively small number of artists.

Side note: the “Change all artists on this release that match …” option in the track parser is really great!