Feature request: JSON-LD for Events

I’ve posted a ticket for a feature request for MusicBrainz Events to generate JSON-LD, which it doesn’t seem to do at the moment, according to the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

I think this would be worthwhile as Google makes a big deal about Structured data for Events, and I think this would be encouraged to use MusicBrainz more, if they can see benefit it has with Google.

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If you make a feature request in the ticket tracker, you generally do not need to also make a forum topic about it, unless the ticket itself generates a lot of discussion. This one seems fairly straight-forward - but note that the current state of JSON-LD has been entirely sponsored by Google, and I’m not sure we’ll want to spend our own (ie., the foundation’s) developer resources/time on this, unless Google wants to sponsor it.

Of course, we’re not going to reject someone from the community stepping up with a patch. And if it’s simple enough to do, I might also include it as a possible GCI task.